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Three winners will be chosen from each of the challenges. Winners will be ranked in order by the length of the fish. It is up to the AAC employees to validate the length of the fish. If there is a tie then the member who submitted his or her entry first will be deemed the winner.

Winners will be announced within 24 hours after the end of each challenge.

Winning entries are determined by AAC. All decisions are final. AAC reserves the right to reject any entry. In the event that AAC needs any additional information or pictures, participants are required to provide the requested information to remain eligible.

AAC chooses the winner by the length of the fish and not the weight. Length is measured from the most forward point of the head to the farthest tip of the tail.

AAC will only accept entries from anglers using a valid tape measure, measuring board or ruler.

All photos entered into the tournaments are verified for authenticity by our image detection software. No photo editing is allowed. If the picture has been manipulated in any way you will automatically be disqualified from the challenge and your ability to participate in any future challenges could be in jeopardy.

For information on the required photos for each challenge please read our official rules.



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