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Official Rules

  • Click Here to enter the challenge.
  • Go fishing!
  • Take two pictures of your fish. See below for instructions on how to take photos.
  • Login to the American Angler Challenge website and enter your catch. All fields are required to enter.
  • When the challenge is complete, all winners and participating anglers' pictures will be posted here.
  • Winners will be notified by email and prize packages will be mailed out within five business days of the completion of the American Angler Challenge.

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Guidelines, Rules & Conditions


To be eligible to win you will of needed to register here. Tournament registration deadlines are listed on our site. The fish entered into the challenge must be caught by the angler who registered. All submitted photos become the property of the American Angler Challenge (AAC).

Three winners will be chosen from each of the challenges. Winners will be ranked in order by the length of the fish. It is up to the AAC employees to validate the length of the fish. If there is a tie then the member who submitted his or her entry first will be deemed the winner.

Winners will be announced within 24 hours after the end of each challenge. Prize packages will be mailed out to the winner within five business days after the end of the challenge.

Winning entries are determined by AAC. All decisions are final. AAC reserves the right to reject any entry. In the event that AAC needs any additional information or pictures, participants are required to provide the requested information to remain eligible.


The entry fee is $25. Only one entry allowed per person, per challenge. Entry fee must be paid online through our registration page. Entry fee must be paid before the tournament registration deadline. After paying the entry fee you will receive your challenge verification code the first day of the tournament.


Any United States citizen 18 years or older is eligible to participate in the American Angler Challenge. Persons and family members employed by GAFF or any of its affiliated companies are not eligible to win.

AAC reserves the right to reject any entry that is not in the best interest of AAC.


The AAC challenge verification code is a random computer -generated number that will be assigned to each angler that enters and pays to compete in a challenge.

The verification code is an eight digit number that will need to be visible in one of your pictures. This allows AAC to validate your catch. See below for instructions on how to take photos.


AAC will host two different challenges for two different species. Anglers can participate in one or more of the challenges. Additional entry fee applies to each challenge entered.

a. Large Mouth Bass
b. Speckled Sea Trout


Fish do not have to meet slot requirements. The longest fish in each division will be the winner, for that division. We do ask that you abide by your state regulations regarding slot limits, bag limits, and  seasons for each individual species. We promote responsible angling and catch and release when applicable.

  • AAC chooses the winner by the length of the fish and not the weight.
  • All anglers can enter multiple challenges for different species. Additional entry fees apply.
  • All fish must be alive when caught and anglers must abide by all state rules and regulations. Only fish caught using conventional fishing methods are eligible.
  • Fish caught in private ponds, fishing preserves, fish hatchery waters, fish culture stations, aquariums or fish-and-pay lakes are not eligible.
  • If a fish appears to have not been properly handled the angler will automatically be disqualified from the challenge.
  • Anglers can only submit one fish for each challenge they are registered for. You may submit a new fish if you catch a bigger one during the time slots for that tournament.
  • Tail pinching is permitted in the photos.


AAC will only accept entries from anglers using a valid tape measure, measuring board or ruler.

One of the two required pictures that you submit must include the measuring tape. The picture must clearly show the measuring tape located below the fish.


  • Pictures must be taken with a minimum of a four-mega pixel digital camera.
  • Picture resolution must be set to the largest size available on the camera.
  • All pictures must be in JPEG format and the quality set to high.


  • Submit only the original photo regardless of size.
  • Photos may not be resaved in any photo editing program. For example: Photoshop or Gimp.
  • Pictures must be clear and of high quality. If any photo is of poor quality AAC has the right to disqualify the entry.
  • No photo editing is allowed. If the picture has been manipulated any way you will automatically be disqualified from the challenge and your ability to participate in any future challenges could be in jeopardy.
  • All submitted photos become the property of the American Angler Challenge (AAC) and Submitted photos may be posted on and


Each angler is required to take two pictures of his or her catch from two different angles using a digital camera (see below for instructions on angles). All pictures that are uploaded to our site must be taken with the same camera.

The picture of the fish must be visible from the tip to the tail. If any part of the fish is cut out of the picture we will not count it as part of the length of the fish.

Length is measured from the most forward point of the head to the farthest tip of the tail. The fish must be lying on its side.

If we can't clearly see the measuring tape then the entry will be disqualified.

Picture No. 1 (Fish with measuring tape and verification code)

  • Lay the live fish down on a hard flat surface and place the measuring tape directly below the fish (See photo below).  The measuring tape must clearly show the length of the fish.
  • Write down your challenge verification code on a piece of paper.  Make sure it is clearly legible. Place this directly above your fish.
  • Take the picture from above the fish.

Example of picture No. 1

Picture No. 2 (Angler holding fish in a horizontal position)

  • This picture is a close-up of the angler holding the fish in a horizontal (preferred) or vertical position in front of his or her chest.
  • The angler must be facing the camera.

Example of picture No. 2


When you are ready to submit your photos, login to your member account. All fields are required to enter. After completing all fields you will be able to upload your entry. If you entered more than one challenge you will be able to upload one entry per challenge.

Your pictures must be uploaded to the site by the last Monday the week of the tournament and no later then noon.


Prize packages are given to the top three winners in each challenge. Prizes and winners will be announced on the official AAC website at  Prizes will be mailed to the winners within five business days after the end of a challenge.


Anglers must abide by all state laws and game regulations. Entries will only be accepted if the fish is caught alive, and in a legal and sporting manner.


AAC reserves the right to cancel a challenge at any time and for any reason. If AAC cancels a tournament that you have already paid for then your entry fee will be refunded.



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