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You can win big if you catch 'em big – with the American Angler Challenge!

Each time you enter, you have a chance to win cash rewards, because cash rewards go to the top three winners in each species category.

You can win not only the prize money but a percentage of the pot as well – so the more people that enter, the more money you can win! So grab your buddies and hit the water!

Each challenge will produce three winners. First place will garner a prize of $60, plus 30 percent of the pot. Second place will take $30 plus 15 percent of the pot, while the third place winner will take $5 plus 15 percent of the pot.

Check our site often to see who's the "boss" when it comes to winning AAC tournaments, to see if you won. Winners are announced, via email, within 24 hours after the end of each challenge, and prize packages are mailed out to the winners within fifteen business days after the tournament ends.

Good luck and tight lines!



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